Clients Funds Safety


Funds held in European bank accounts or FCA regulated liquidity providers.

Segregated Accounts

If you use the Etana services your Funds will be held in TOP TIER I Banks custody by Etana so the funds will not be sent to AvantGardeFX and kept separately from the Broker’s Funds.

Funds Safety

When you deposit directly with Pure Market your funds are protected up to $50,000 per claim for a total Insurance coverage of $500,000.

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Etana ensures broker-dealers have the tools to provide the highest level of oversight and fiduciary responsibility to their clients in digital assets.

The Etana platform enables broker-dealers to provide custody in 12 major currencies as well as digital assets.

Etana also provides advisors additional options to place these assets in yielding programs for their clients with Etana providing the collateralization so the asset never leaves custody.


Register at Etana Custody through this Link: REGISTRATION.
You will need with you a picture or a scanned copy of a Valid Passport or ID card and Utility bill not older than 3 months.


Make a deposit to your custody account. To make a deposit you should add to your profile personal bank account details in order for the Custodian to accept your deposit and process your Withdrawals. To prove you are the bank account owner you will be asked to upload a bank letter or statement that shows – Your name and Bank account details.


Accept the invitation from AvantGardeFX. Once you login to your custodian profile, you will see an invitation to trade with AvantGardeFX, accept it and instantly fund your venture account with the broker.

Do You Need Support?

In your profile you will find detailed Video tutorials that cover every step of the registration process and additional features that are available in your profile.
The platform is web-based and does not require any installation and can be accessed on PC and Mobile device. For more help you contact your account manager at AvantGardeFX or directly reach out to Etana Custody (

AvantGardeFX’s clients are insured with Falcon Insurance for the safety of their funds. Falcon Insurance covers up to $500,000.00 aggregate. Up to $50,000 any one claim.

Our mission is to provide you the best possible trading environment so that you can focus on trading and become successful with us.
AvantGardeFX has been built by traders for traders. Our Management has trading experience that goes back to 1999 and has successfully traded on all major financial markets in Europe.

Do You Need Support?

For more info or help regarding Falcon Insurance please contact your account manager at AvantGardeFX